When is a good time to look for signs of spring?  What comes to mind for me is warmer temperatures and birds all around.

Spring arrives on Saturday, March 20 and we are all looking forward to it.

I remember spending nights at my grandmother's house when I was a youngster and how I would always wake up hearing the sweet sounds of singing birds.  It was one of many happy times in my life when I was a kid.

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Speaking of birds, according to mlive.com, many people believe the American robin is a symbol of spring.  There are certain species of early arriving birds whose presence signals the shift in seasons.

Even though the weather is cold, mlive.com  tells us that countless birds are winging their way back to Michigan from their southern wintering grounds.

If you're excited about warmer weather, listening to birds sing, gardening, or whatever makes you happy in spring, then you'll enjoy a brief rundown of some of the earliest migrating birds to arrive in Michigan courtesy of mlive.com.

1.  Red winged blackbirds.  According to mlive.com, red winged blackbirds can be found in cattail marshes and wet drainage ditches along the roadside.  And if you're like me and have birdfeeders in your backyard, these birds will show up and feast away.

2.  Sandhill crane.  (mlive.com) Many of these birds are now just returning from balmy spots as far south as Mexico and other areas.  On really nice days, leave your windows open so you can hear them calling as they're flying overhead.

3.  Song sparrows.  Mlive.com tells us that Michigan is home to a number of native sparrows, and the song sparrow brings a warm, cheerful sound to the outdoors during the transition between winter and spring.

4.  Killdeer.  If you know anything about birds, this type of bird is commonly found in Michigan on wide open landscapes including lawns, fields, golf courses, and parking lots.  (mlive.com)

I've always liked birds ever since I was a young kid, and to this day, I'm still a bird lover and a bird watcher and I still love it when birds sing in spring!

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