In the U.P.'s Keweenaw Peninsula lie the singing sands of Bete Grise on Lake Superior. The sands on this beach are said to 'sing' to anyone who visits and walks the beach.

The legend says the 'singing' comes from the spirit of a Native American maiden who lost her lover when he perished in Lake Superior. Her attempts to contact him are with the singing she transmits through the sands. Visitors to the beach are encouraged to help the maiden find her man; just press the palms of your hands on the sands and rub hard, or just smack the sand with your palm. The noise it emits is like that of a puppy's bark or the rubbing of a balloon.

Even though the 'singing' is more of a natural phenomenon rather than a supernatural one, the mysterious part comes when people attempt to scoop up some sand and take it home. Once off the beach, the sands refuse to 'sing'. No other sands along the lake make these sounds, adding to the mystery.

Also, the name "Bete Grise", translated as "grey beast", was named after a creature that was spotted and named by Native Americans many, many years ago.

The beach is a mile long so there is plenty of room for you to test the sands yourself; it's located on Bete Grise Road off US-41 in the Keweenaw Peninsula. if you visit make sure you make a video so we can all hear your results...


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