We live in a golden era of television. And despite another unconventional year for the entertainment industry, 2021 only proved this sentiment to be even more true. As the public focus shifts more and more from cable to streaming services, studios are pushing the boundaries of what makes great television. Between Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+, and Prime Video, there’s been an impressive lineup of TV shows this year that deserve a watch.

Unlike the days when multi-cam sitcoms were aplenty, television shows today are often filmed all at once, like a film. In some cases, an entire season’s worth of episodes is released on the streaming platform at the same time, creating the perfect opportunity to binge-watch. Other times, the streamer will drop the episodes one-by-one, building anticipation with each coming week. Overall, showrunners are given more freedom to flesh out their ideas over the course of a limited series, without pressure from weekly audience ratings. The result? Boldly original content that breaks the mold of a traditional TV show.

With hundreds of television series on demand, there’s bound to be a select few that shine above the others. Whether it’s due to an outstanding lead performance, brilliant writing, or an unconventional narrative style, these shows captured and kept the viewers’ attention. From comedies to dramas — and everything in between — these are our top 10 TV picks for 2021. If you haven’t watched these series already, consider them our recommendations for the rest of the year.

The Best TV Shows Of 2021

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