We've heard about where – supposedly – the best burgers, hot dogs, french fries, etc. are to be found in Michigan. Me? I like onion rings...and I wanted to know where the best ones are.

I've had some pretty crappy onion rings served to me before, even in those “reputable” restaurants. You know the ones I mean: skinny, barely breaded, , and some so hard you could chip a tooth. I've been served onion rings that look like they had been sitting in the deep fryer bin all day. And end up like shoestrings. I've even been served rings of breading without the onion. How'd they do that?

Yeah, I've had excellent ones, too. My perfect onion ring needs to have a bit of a mild crunch – like biting into a Koegel vienna hotdog – with a good coating that compliments, not overpowers, the onion.

In an attempt to locate what is considered to be Michigan's best onion rings, I realize that just about every restaurant or town claims they have “the best in town” or “best in the world”, etc. So, an unbiased opinion would seem to be more plausible.

New York's Business Insider had an acceptable answer. They did an article in 2018 titled “The 25 Best Onion Rings in the US” and I'm going with that. In the whole list of 25 best onion rings, there was only one place in Michigan.....and that's in Clarkston. The restaurant is the Union Woodshop barbecue, located at 18 South Main Street.

Take a look below, then head over to Clarkston...let me know if their findings are correct...

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