The once-town of Berryville was located in Jackson County's Tompkins Township, at the junction of Berryville Rd. and Rives-Eaton Rd.

There is scant, hard-to-find info written about Berryville. In 1881's “History of Jackson County”, it lists Berryville third in it's principal villages, behind Tompkins and Springport. However, there is no other mention of the town anywhere.

Why? We know there was a schoolhouse and a stagecoach stop...and according to the 1874 atlas, there was a hotel.

Looking at the atlas, it looks like there were a handful of other, unnamed shops lining the road at the junction. The old stagecoach stop east of town still stands as a residence, and the old schoolhouse west of town looks like it's been renovated into a home.

Anyone have more info?

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