It is certainly a milestone if a restaurant stays in business for over twenty five years, and it's even more amazing if that same restaurant remains in business for at least fifty years.

But what if I were tell you about a restaurant that's been in business for 95 years? Can you believe that? 95 years in business and still going strong.

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What's the name of this prestigious restaurant? It's called "Bergers Family Restaurant," and it's a fourth generation family owned business in Bay County, Michigan.

Bruce Berger, who happens to be the owner, won't make a big fuss about the 95th  anniversary of this amazing restaurant.

Berger works at the restaurant, located at 6387 Westside Saginaw Road in Frankenlust Township, alongside his son Nathan Berger and sister Sue Berger-Headings. Bergers has been serving loyal customers breakfast, lunch and dinner at the site since 2006.

All this talk about food is really making me hungry. Berger's Family Restaurant features great food including what they're best known for, Great Lakes perch dinners.

According to

Bergers has a loyal customer base, many of whom have been dining there for years, and a reputation for its Great Lakes fish dinners, including perch, walleye, white fish and sunfish.

What's really quite remarkable here is the fact that some day, Bergers Family Restaurant will most likely hit that one and only century mark. We all hope they certainly do. I think we would all really like to see that happen. Good luck to the Berger family.

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