Is it me or does it seem like we're in a never ending nightmare? We are dealing with one of the scariest diseases these days and it's called the coronavirus.

Most states have a stay-at-home order from their governor and millions of people are currently unemployed, including employees from the Beaumont Healthcare System.

According to WILX, the state's largest healthcare system will temporarily lay off about 2,475 employees and permanently eliminate about 450 positions due to the financial effects from coronavirus.

The CEO of Beaumont Health will take a 70 percent pay cut, while other executives will take a cut of up to 45 percent.

This sort of thing is happening all over the country as we speak. In fact, my wife works for Michigan State University and there are several MSU employees taking a pay cut as well.

After Beaumont began caring for COVID-19 patients five weeks ago, nearly all inpatient and outpatient surgeries and other non-COVID 19 medical services had to be halted.

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