One of my new goals for the new year is to be more active and exercise more.

I'm not talking about exercising every single day of the week, but I am saying that at least four or five times a week is a pretty good start.

And I do know that bowling doesn't count as exercise even though I bowl at least twice a week here in the Lansing area.

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My plan is to exercise for 30 minutes at least four or five times a week.

It's important to pick out your favorite exercise routines so that not only will you have more fun exercising, but you won't fall into a dull routine of doing the same old exercise routines that are not very enjoyable.

These are a few of the exercise routines which I find very enjoyable and fun to do:

1. Walking. This is a great form of exercise and everyone can do it. You can walk for at least one mile and even take it up to five miles based on your own level of fitness.

2. Biking.  Once we get past winter, dust off your favorite bicycle and bike away. Not only is biking great fun, it's a great form of exercise and you can bike just about anywhere.

3. Swimming.  It's the one thing you can do that will work just about every muscle in your body. There are several workout facilities in the Greater Lansing area where you can purchase a membership and swim laps at your own pace.

4. Strength training.  My idea of strength training is not only to retain muscle mass, but regularly stretching and practicing yoga can also work to combat stiffness and more.

Here are more great ideas when it comes to exercising more in 2022.  Check out

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