Do you even like pickles?

For some folks, the answer is an enthusiastic YES!

Not just on sandwiches either.

One of the biggest phenomenons of the past few years is Pickle Pizza?!?

Apparently it's a big DILL and you eat it with ranch dressing. I'm skeptical but I'd try it once. And to be honest, you can put ranch on just about anything and make it taste better. A lot of folks actually swear by the pickle pizza.

But I don't know if putting ranch on this next thing will make IT any better.

There exist in this world, pickle ice cream.

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I mean, I guess it's not a far cry. There is already a pickle slush style drink they serve at Sonic.

And just yesterday, I started seeing this all over social media.

Look at that thing. That appears to be pickle ice cream, in a waffle cone, sprinkled with dill (looks like grass clippings), and served with...a pickle.

That's a little too much.

And the kicker that this holiday weekend, Baskin Robbins would be introducing it.

Fake news people.

First off, the photo has no Baskin Robbins anything in it. Not even tagged.

And an image search of it took us to an article about Toronto's El Mercado market.

And this.

So no, Baskin Robbins is not introducing pickle ice cream this 4th of July.

But if you keep an eye on our friends over at Moo-ville Creamery, they might whip up ANOTHER BATCH soon. Would you really eat this stuff?

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