That is the question many MSU students are facing for fall classes.

Yesterday the school announced that the fall term will start on September 2nd and students will have the choice to continue classes online or actually go to class in person, on campus until November 25th

MSU's President Dr. Samuel Stanley, is not only a medical Doctor, he earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School, but he also has a fellowship in infectious diseases that he earned while at Washington University in St.Louis. Bottom line, the man has the knowledge that seems to be a perfect for what we are all going through with his knowledge on infections diseases.

In an email to students Dr. Stanley said that the University is taking important steps to ensure the safety for all students and faculty members for the new school year.

I have a daughter who is a student at MSU studying biology and she is anxious to get back to campus and be with her classmates and lab partners. On the other hand, there are the students who just do not feel comfortable being back on campus and would rather continue studies at home, online.  Dr. Stanley says that either is a choice that is up to the students.

President Stanley has invited students to a webcast that he is holding Friday night where he says that he will answer any of their questions.

The school plans to end all in person instruction on Wednesday November 25th, which is three weeks before the end of the term. Dr. Stanley says this plan is designed to address models that suggest a potential resurgence in COVID-19 cases in December. According to Dr Stanley's e-mail, this break will allow student  to head home to their permanent residences before peak influenza season hits.

You can find more on the school's reopening plans based on health data, science and safety for students and the community at MSU's website.

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