When I saw the deer in our backyard last week, I was so excited, especially seeing the two fawns. I am not excited anymore, and to the deer in my neighborhood, this means war.

The timeline of events caught me by surprise. The first sign of trouble was a couple of weeks back when I noticed that some of my impatience had been munched. This was when I noticed the hoof prints. I didn't get too worked up, the damage to the flowers was minimal. Next week my impatiences were pulled out of the ground, with their roots still attached, some of the flowers had been eaten. I swear the damn deer must have been drunk.

Photos From My Garden Carnage


My flowers were replanted, but only the ones that suffered minimal damage. All was good until yesterday. The damn deer came back and completely tore up my flowers. My beautiful, lush garden is gone, a few flower remnants remain, smashed into the dirt.

Gardening this year has been a challenge. So much rain has fallen, heavy at times, causing our wood chips to float down the driveway.

The one thing that seems to be flourishing is the whirlybirds. Those suckers are everywhere. I can't even get in the garden to pull them out because the mosquitos are so bad. No matter how much bug spray I use. I still get eaten alive.

The good news is that my banana peppers are doing fantastic, in fact, I have already harvested a couple, and our cherry tomatoes are doing very well. Hopefully, they will continue to thrive and Bambi and friends will go pick on someone else's garden.

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