Have you watched The Mandalorian and thought to yourself “Man, that Baby Yoda sure is cute! Boy, what I wouldn’t give to eat his adorable flesh!”?

Of course you have! It’s a perfectly sane and normal thing to think. And guess what? Soon you will indeed be able to eat Baby Yoda — at least in breakfast cereal form. Granted, the box for the brand new Star Wars cereal claims it contains “sweetened corn puffs with marshmallows” and not actual bits of the beloved character from The Mandalorian. Still, this is the closest we’re going to get. And the marshmallows do appear to be shaped like the head of Baby Yoda.

Announced by General Mills in honor of Star Wars Day this week on Instagram, they vowed Baby Yoda was “coming to a cereal aisle near you later this summer.”

As you’ll see below, Star Wars has a long history of breakfast cereal dominance. When the original movies were mainstays in movie theaters, supermarkets were full of C-3POs cereal, famed for their honey-sweetened oat taste and their boxes, which contained masks you could cut out and wear over your face in a poor approximation of everyone’s favorite Star Wars heroes. In recent years, General Mills took over the Star Wars cereal racket, producing limited edition boxes in both Light and Dark Side varieties (the actual cereal was the same, sadly; it would have been kind of clever if the Light Side was vanilla and the Dark Side was chocolate), as well as such memorable flavors as “Episode II Cereal,” which also included Yoda-shaped marshmallows. Let’s hope the Baby Yoda marshmallows aren’t leftovers from that other batch — Attack of the Clones came out 18 years ago.

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