If you're thinking about buying toys for your kids, nephews, nieces, or any child in your life, the Attorney General Nessel is warning you of what not to buy.

The Office of the Attorney General just released a list of some dangerous toys to watch for. The toys on the list have either been recalled or are hazardous.

These include toys like ride-on toys, battery operated toys, noise makers, balloons, even magnets, according to WILX.

A few classic toy dangers to watch out for, are:

  • Toxic substances
  • Projectiles
  • Strings
  • Inaccurate warnings and labels.
  • Rigid or sharp materials; and

If you're looking for tips on what you should watch out for while shopping, check out this list below:

- Choose age-appropriate toys
- Choose toys that match your child's interests and abilities
- Educate your older children about toy safety and recruit them to help supervise younger children
- If the child is under 3, assume the toy or product will go in their mouth
- Always gift with appropriate safety gear this at sized to fit
- Pay close attention to privacy settings on tablets or any toy that can record a child's voice
- Avoid toys and products with high-powered magnets

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