Way back in the day when I was a kid, one of my mom's favorite sayings (she had a lot of them) was, "You're either in or out. Stay outside or come in and sit down somewhere. Stop running in and out of my house."

Make up your mind. Figure out which way you're going and stay there.

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Come to find out, my mom wasn't the only one to say this. Seems if all parents had the same problems with their kids and the inability to make up their minds on what they wanted to do.

Seems there's still some indecision going on. However this time it's not the kids who can't make up their minds but the schools.

And it's frustrating lots of parents.

New Zealand Students Return To School Online As Term Two Begins In Lockdown
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Because of the pandemic, kids had to move to online and remote learning. Thus staying at home and parents had to make lots of decisions. Everything from upgrading computers, wi-fi, figuring out who's staying home with the kids, getting the kids motivated to do online learning, juggling working at home with online home schooling. Then there was the "political platform push" to get kids back to school ASAP. Teachers not wanting to get back unless it was safe for them. The list goes on and on.


And there was much rejoicing.

Until Michigan, another spike in numbers (some of the highest in the nation), and spring break Covid-19 infections.

At one point in the Lansing School District, delays with coming back to school were happening on a weekly basis.

This has been happening for the past 2 - 3 weeks.

Today (April 21st) LSD made a decision and some parents are really not going to like it. But it's all out of an abundance of safety for our kids.

The Lansing School District has announced today, that all classes will remain online through the end of the school year that concludes on June 11.

“Recent reviews of COVID-19 metrics for the district and for the State of Michigan have determined the need to remain 100% remote with Screen to Screen Learning through the end of the school year,” said superintendent Sam Sinicropi. (WILX)

And while parents will be scrambling to make this work after kids have been back to face to face learning for a little bit, LSD is also making plans to address any learning loss with an 8-week summer program.

The full story is HERE from WILX.

The official PRESS RELEASE from LSD is HERE.

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