There are many hidden little towns, burgs, and villages in Michigan. These three are possibly some you've never heard of before. Not surprising, as there is very little written about 'em.

The first one is Arden. At first, I wasn't sure if this was the name of an actual town or not; I thought maybe it was just somebody's name or the name of some business or corporation. But upon searching, I found out it is an actual place - an unincorporated community in Berrien County, within Royalton Township.

Arden's population is unknown, as there doesn't seem to be any census records. The only thing that proves there's an "Arden" is the old building on the corner of Linco & S. Niles Rds.

Next up is Grafton. The 'town' is in Monroe County within Ash Township. It began in either the 1860's or 1870's as a postal stop along the Wayne & Monroe Railroad. It had a schoolhouse, general store, church, cemetery, and train station.

Finally, there's Hodunk.
Not Podunk, but Hodunk.
Hodunk is in Union Township within Branch County sittin' right alongside Hog Creek. Hodunk is the only other community in the township, along with Union City. They have their own Facebook page that you can check out for more town info.

According to the 1872 atlas, it appears that Hodunk was originally called Orangeville. At that time, the town had a blacksmith, general store, grist mill, hotel, post office, and saw mill. Nowadays, there's a motel, tavern, and a cool old store to purchase your road, you can visit one of the old remaining mills.

Check out the photos below of all three towns.

Visit any or all of these three secluded communities next time you're roadtrippin' through Michigan!


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