(Updated 05-18-20)

I haven't heard anyone mention the old A&P stores in a long time...probably 'cuz they left our area many years ago. Does anyone remember how long ago the A&P's shut down around here?

A&P was THE place to shop 50-60 years ago...it was the Meijer, K-Mart, Walmart & Target of it's time...but mostly for food & groceries.

"The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company" - as it was originally called - was founded in 1859 as "Gilman & Company" in Manhattan, New York. In the 1870's it became mostly a grocery store and A&P's success exploded from there. After decades of being on top, it went into decline when other competitors sprang up...mainly, other huge grocery chains and K-Mart.

Stores across the nation shut down one-by-one, and by 2015, the last one closed it's doors.

Where did you do your A&P shopping? Do you remember where the location was?


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