Not a fan of Peeps?  Well the company that gives us the marshmallow treats that usually just pop up at Easter are now coming out with a new flavor.

Are you ready for it?  Hot Tamale Peeps. I LOVE hot Tamale candy, but I'm not a fan of peeps. This might make me give it a try, though. These little marshmallow birds will be sporting a bright red color, like the candy tamale, and those who have tasted them say that they are actually cinnamon flavored and yes they are hot, just like the candy's name.

Peeps have been around for over 50 years and I guess they felt it was time to shake things up a bit. These have already been on some grocery store shelves. If the spice thing is not your thing, they you can always try some of their other flavors like cereal, coffee creamer, watermelon, chocolate cake, blue raspberry, cotton candy, and this list goes on. If you are a fan, they still have good old original flavored Peeps.

As the official "Peeps" season begins here is something to look forward to.

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