The Ann Arbor city Planning Commission approved a special-exception use permit for this new lounge which will permit on site use of cannabis products. They want to convert the pink house at 336 S. Ashley Street, next to Liberty Provisioning Center into a lounge. This will be a first for our state.

The building being converted used to be a single family home that was converted to commercial use a long time ago. Formerly a clothing store, it will now be a marijuana lounge. They want it to be a community oriented location where people can socialize. The thought is to provide a safe place for people who may want to experiment with cannabis products, in an environment where others can help educate them on the proper use of the products.

The owner will have to obtain a state license along with his already issued city permit. And there are stipulations with the usage of the lounge. It can be only used by the customers of the dispensary next door, and they would be required to make sure it provides no adverse impact on the neighborhood.

The way they plan to operate the lounge will be by reservation only, providing 45 minute blocks for those who can show a same day receipt from the dispensary, and if you don’t have a receipt they will charge $10 per person for entry. Their hours will be Noon to 8pm, maximum number of people allowed is 19 people. They plan to start with two groups of 8, and revisit occupancy. All of their plans are COVID-19 contingent.

MLive reports

Many of the company’s owners, board members and staff call Ann Arbor home and others are passionate University of Michigan alumni, Rabbi James Kahn, the company’s director of community outreach said. “Liberty’s proposed consumption facility is a perfect example of our continued local investment, responding to the needs of our customers, while simultaneously creating new jobs,” he said.

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They are not doing this lounge for profit, their effort is to provide more offerings for their customer base. They have added new insulation and an industrial sized air filtration system with the idea of eliminating odors coming from the building. The company prohibits any outdoor consumption on their property, and emphasize that they want to be good neighbors, and are going out of their way to show that.

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