A we get even closer to Halloween, here is another of Michigan's Most Haunted is the Anchor Inn at Houghton Lake.

Many people have witnessed lots of spooky, paranormal happenings there, every decade since the 1940's.

According to the owners, "We have everything from full body apparitions, shadow figures, orbs, mists, objects moving, foot steps, voices, doors slamming, faucets on/off, electrical disturbances, people being touched, etc.....we have been visited by numerous paranormal investigators, whom have collected a lot of eyewitness accounts, photos, EVP’s like crazy & other evidence. There is also said to be a vortex in front of our building to the other side. Most all who visit & investigate get evidence or have experiences of the paranormal kind."

The Anchor Inn stands on a spot that hs logging history and was once Indian land; the building itself is said to have been frequented by Al Capone and the Purple Gang.

So there you go...another of Michigan's Most haunted as we get closer & closer to Halloween!