I hate you, I really do. Every time the weather changes, there you are, making me miserable.

You turn my nose into a faucet, you turn me into a mouth-breather in my sleep making me make crazy noises or wake up with the worst cotton-mouth.

Around this time every year, I'm so pumped full of decongestants because of you, my brain feels like it's only half-on.

You get where I am going with this, I'm not a fan of yours as it is. This hatred for you has only multiplied in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic where if you so much as clear your throat people avoid you like the plague.

The symptoms of coronavirus are pretty similar to the symptoms we allergy sufferers face and it is anxiety-inducing, embarrassing, annoying and [insert any other negative emotion here].

Yes, I have to spend a lot of time with you, allergies. No, I do not enjoy it.

Every time I sniffle, have a stuffy nose, have a sore throat because of sneezing so much and having to cough from all the phlegm in my throat really makes people think I have COVID-19...and sometimes it even makes question it too.

Luckily, I know my body and I know the typical symptoms you bring me but other people don't. I don't blame them for hearing me sniffle and sneeze through the days and try to avoid me but haven't we people who actually enjoy being around people suffered enough?


I am really just ready to get a mask that says "IT'S JUST ALLERGIES I SWEAR" instead of tattooing it on my face.

So, thanks but no thanks allergies, get out of my life...I'm begging you. Maybe you , COVID-19 and the Mucinex germ guy can ride off into the sunset together and leave us alone.

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