Please stay one cow apart at the Butler County Fair.

That's what the signs say as you walk around the fair grounds in Hamilton, Ohio this week.  The person that came up with this idea either has a great sense of humor or is the person that gives you directions like, "take a left at the old red tractor.  If you pass the water tower you've gone too far."

My first thought when I saw this news was, "I wonder how many goats I should social distance."  Then I thought, "Hey...not fair.  They're still having a county fair."  All of our county fairs in Southwest Michigan have cancelled due to Covid-19.  Well don't get to jealous.  The cow social distancing signs is about the most exciting thing going on at this event according to WCPO,

The fair opened Saturday with conspicuously 2020 changes: No rides and about half the usual number of games and concession stands. Young 4-H livestock exhibitors wore masks as they led their animals around the show ring.

In order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 the Butler County Fair is requiring that vendors and the public wear masks in the barns and other buildings as well as keep one cow apart.  If someone is too close, ask them to mooooove.

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