If you are working from home now you might be starting to get used to it and most Americans are liking it too. According to a new poll, from the website Clutch, more Americans are really liking working from home and there are a few different factors as to why.

According to the poll from WILX, just about two-thirds of Americans who currently are employed are working from home and 44% are working from home five or more days a week. This means that most people that are working from home are actually staying home and not going back and forth to the office, which again is good to stop the spread of the virus.

The poll also asked employees about what are some of the things that they enjoy and it was having a flexible schedule. Employees are also enjoying not having a commute to work which is also saving on time and money too.  Some of the negatives to working at home are employees are saying that collaboration with other workers is tough and a quarter of the people in the poll also said another negative is that there are more distractions working from home.

You can see more about it here.

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