At one point in my life I thought about being a paramedic. A paramedic is a specialist healthcare professional who responds to emergency calls for medical help outside of a hospital.

The biggest reason was so I could help people in emergency situations.

Recently, new guidelines have been issued when it comes to using CPR during the current coronavirus pandemic.

According to WILX, the American Heart Association has announced new, interim guidelines for emergency personnel when it comes to CPR in order to protect against spreading the virus.

The new guidelines include limiting the number of people on the scene when responding to a cardiac arrest call .

According to the guidelines, healthcare systems and other first responder groups should put policies into place that address resuscitation efforts on COVID-19 patients, based on their chances of survival. Please click on the above link for more information.

I briefly remember taking a CPR class back in my high school days. It was definitely worth taking. Please click on the above link for more information.

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