The Royal Wedding approaches and apparently the couple plan to have Food Trucks and Ice Cream trucks for guests to enjoy.

If you need any more proof that Megan Markel and Prince Harry are just like other trendy millennials the fact that there will be food trucks would be a big clue..  Apparently they will be serving grilled cheese, taco's and other American bites along with ice cream to go with their wedding cake which is lemon elderflower with buttercream frosting.

600 guests have been invited to the Royal Wedding but only 200 are coming to the private reception.  It seems like they are trying to add a bit of America to their Royal Wedding and reception,.   The bride , Megan even plans to speak at the reception, she will be giving a speech to her husband.  Rumors have said she will do this because she did not want her father to have to speak, he is apparently very shy and that is something that he could not do.  That is a GOOD daughter.

For those of us who are Royal fanatics the wedding this Saturday is an event not to be missed.   My alarm will be set at 5am so I can get up and watch every minute of the festivities.  .


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