The old jail in Allegan was built in 1906. The front half was used to house the sheriff and his family and the back half contained 17 cells with solitary confinement for the troublemakers. This quaint jail served it's purpose until a new one opened in 1963.

Today - aside from rumors that the place is haunted - it's a museum, complete with 1900's furniture and antiques in the front the jail section, the cells are basically the way they were over 100 years ago, and graffiti written on the walls by prisoners is still there...not faked, but the actual prisoner writings and scrawls. The cells on the first and second floors are eerie enough, but the ones in the basement - AND SOLITARY CONFINEMENT - are genuinely creepy.


It's believed that the spirit of the sheriff's wife still lingers, attempting to take care of the prisoners, as she used to cook their meals for them. Visitors & employees have heard footsteps upstairs, with many of them coming from the master bedroom.

A female mannequin was placed in the master bedroom by employees as part of a display...when checked on several occasions, the mannequin's clothing seemingly changed by itself. When asked, no employee knew anything about the strange change of the mannequin's attire.

An actual apparition has been seen - presumably that of a female - toiling in the kitchen and dining area.

Tourists report being touched by "unseen presences "when they visit the cell area, probably mostly in the basement. In the solitary confinement hole, a white streak of light has been seen floating through. The usual creaks and bumps occur as well.

Numerous paranormal investigations have taken place here, many by Michigan Paranormal Encounters who have experienced & recorded many results.

The old Allegan jail is located at 113 Walnut Street, Allegan, and you can find out dates and times when you can visit on their website,

By the way, admission is free and they seem willing to allow paranormal investigations by us regular people!

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