In Branch County, within the Algansee Township, is the village of Algansee. It's another of Michigan's out-of-the-way, largely-unknown, forgotten, hidden villages.

Algansee was first settled in 1836 in Branch County. The first settlers wanted to call the town "Canton" but Henry Schoolcraft supposedly came up with the weird name "Algansee", obviously a syllabic combination of separate words. But to this day, nobody can conclusively figure out what Schoolcraft took them from, or what it means, but the popular consensus is that it means "sea". For some other reason altogether, the town is still sometimes referred to as "Egypt".

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If you drive through the town, you wouldn't know it once had many thriving businesses.

Barber shop
Baseball Team
Blacksmiths (2)
Cider Mill
Dance Hall
Grist Mill
Grocery stores (2)
Post Office
Saw Mill
Seven-piece Band
Standard Service Station
Town Hall
United Brethren Church

Algansee also had its own telephone service, the Algansee Telephone Company. It closed down, leaving the residents without phone service until the late 1950's.

There was a "meals-on-wheels" business, titled "Store At Your Door" which began as a horse-drawn venture in 1904. It delivered food and supplies to residents as well as to those in neighboring townships. It was called "Egypt On Wheels" by the townsfolk.

The general store still stands, retaining that old country charm with many original furnishings. The old original church also stands, somewhat dilapidated and worn, and a few other old buildings that are worth seeking out.

Algansee is a true Michigan rarity, as not many people from Mid-Michigan and up have never heard of it. So take a roadtrip to the southern part of our state and visit this little-known, historic Michigan town, ripe with atmosphere and an 1800's charm.



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