During her An Audience With Adele broadcast Sunday (Mar. 21), Adele shared a hilarious story with Samuel L. Jackson about a time she used fame to dodge a traffic ticket.

When Jackson asked the "Easy On Me" singer if she had ever used her "Adelity" – her celebrity status – to get out of a ticket or any other precarious situation, Adele didn't hesitate to share her run-in with the law when she first moved to L.A.

"When I first moved there, I'd never really driven there, and I was in the fast lane, in the far left lane, not going that fast [because] there was quite a lot of traffic," she said. "And I was in a rental, and the windows were tinted a bit too dark, but I didn't know that."

The singer continued, "Anyway, I was minding my own business, and then suddenly a police car pulls up behind me and is basically hinting that I need to pull over, so I just stopped where I was. I'd never been pulled over in my life."

According to the superstar, the police officer got on his megaphone to scream at her.

"'What the hell are you doing? Pull off, pull off,'" she recounted him telling her.

"He pulls me over, I wind all my windows down as I've been taught to do before, especially if you get pulled over in America you never know what they're going to do," the "Oh My God" singer explained.

"I handed him my British driver's license, which might as well have been like a Blockbuster card. Like, he'd never seen one before. Also, it looks nothing like me. It was me when I was like 17," the global superstar joked.

"He goes back to the car and comes back, and he's on the phone with his wife, [who's] screaming at him on the phone for pulling me over," Adele continued. "He's like, 'I'm so sorry Adele, sorry, do whatever you need to do.'"

The situation was ultimately "hilarious," Adele shared, though she "didn't mean to" wield her fame like an unofficial PBA card. "I was ready to go to jail. She [the wife] saved the day, really."

Watch Adele tell the funny story, below:

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