I swear that man is allergic to shirts. And I do believe he was having an allergic reaction when he performed at the big game a few years back.

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You do remember seeing that right?


Here let me help.

You can go ahead and fast forward to about 12:20...and you're welcome.

How can you get close to some of that?

Well Adam and the boys collectively known as Maroon 5 FINALLY put out a new album earlier this year and resumed cancelled tour plans from last year.

They shall grace our presence in Detroit (Clarkston, Michigan at DTE) on August 23rd with special guest Blackbear.

If you want to see that smokin' tattooed man and his band, you're going to have to do him and them a little favor.

Be fully vaccinated or show proof of a negative Covid-19 test result within 48 hours of taking that test.

This is the way.

Proof of being fully vaccinated or a negative test result within a specific time limit is now becoming the way the touring and ticketing industry is handling things.

It started earlier this year at Lollapalooza.

Live Nation is leaving it up to the artist (at their venues) on how they wish to proceed.

According to the document, which was obtained by Variety, artists performing at its venues can  require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test for entry, and effective October 4, “all employees in the U.S. [must] be vaccinated to enter one of our events, venues or offices – with limited exceptions as may be required by law.” (Variety)

Artists (both musical and not) are embracing it. Dave Chapelle was in Detroit earlier this week and he had his show on Covid-19 and cell phone lockdown.

But be prepared to submit to a COVID-19 test, as all audience members will be required to submit to the screening.

In addition to a rapid COVID-19 test, guests will also be asked to relinquish their cellphones, smartwatches, and any other type of audio/video recording equipment.

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When purchasing tickets on Live Nation for a show that requires a health check, you will get this.

The Event Organizer is requiring Health Checks to attend this event. Please check their website for details. Learn More (ticketmaster)

For some shows, this policy was put in place after tickets were purchased. Some fans aren't having it and are returning or selling their tickets.

Does this policy make you feel safer or run for the refund?

Let us know and send us a message on our app.

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