In the gallery below are some photos of some old abandoned drive-in theaters in the Lansing/Mid-Michigan area. It’s a freakin’ shame that they're gone in this area. Sure, there are a few still in operation in Michigan but not any around here.

How many of you remember those hot summer nights at the drive-in or even a chilly fall/winter evening at the movies (with those chintzy in-car heaters)? Eating tasty, buttery dogs & chili dogs...those gawd-awful-looking burgers...and how about those weird pizzas that only drive-in theaters could make?

Not to mention all those steamy car windows you'd pass by on your way to the concession stand...

If Coldwater can keep a drive-in theater open for decades (the Capri Drive-in), then there is NO REASON why the Mid-Michigan area can't keep one or two in operation as reason WHATSOEVER. Does anyone agree?

Today’s generation is missing out on one of America’s simple tried-and-true pleasures…






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