WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Here we go again...this time, it's one of Michigan's abandoned liquor stores....

It's nothing special whatsoever, just a glimpse into an empty, deserted, disheveled, and cluttered abandoned store, that has undoubtedly been intruded by vandals and the curiosity seekers.

But, to fill up a little space, (and with absolutely nothing to do with this particular abandoned structure), I will say there was only one time in my life when I explored an old store...it was in one of the Upper Peninsula's ghost towns. Not only was it an old general store, but also a post office, and hotel – all in one small building.

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The whole establishment had shut down in the late 1950s; there were still food items on the shelves and I vividly remember the jars of mayonnaise had all turned a sickening brown. The post office section was right there in the store area as well, and there were still unopened letters and mail in the individual mail slots.

We went down into the basement from the outside doors and climbed up the wall into the main area. We went upstairs to check out the old hotel rooms and there they were, as if they were right out of an episode of “Gunsmoke”.....a wash bowl sitting on the dresser and a pitcher for water. Just like in the western movies. No sinks, no faucets.

Years later I went back and the guy next door started shooting at us with his shotgun. Needless to say, we split. That old store has now been torn down, but I will never forget it...it was so cool, like being transported back in time.

Now this was over forty-five years ago, and things have definitely changed since then. In this day & age, I would never do that without permission. I don't wanna be shot at again or prosecuted for trespassing...and I suggest the same for you.

I'm sure the guys who captured the following images got legal permission, right? So without further ado (or is that 'adieu'?) here are a handful of photos from this abandoned, unnamed Michigan liquor store...

Abandoned Michigan Liquor Store


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Abandoned Sycamore Creek Bridge, Lansing

Abandoned George Brady Elementary School, Detroit

All photos are from this YouTube video. Warning: there are explicit images in the video, so it is NSFW.

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