Schleweis Road might not sound like it, but it was once the setting for high-octane excitement.

In 1959 a kid by the name of Harold Schill lived with his family on Schleweis Road in Manchester. Harold and his buddies were race enthusiasts and wanted a place where they could have their own dirt track.

After speaking with his dad, Harold was given permission for a track.

They got to work, taking their own meticulous time…and by 1961, the track was ready and they held their first race.

Dubbed the Manchester Speedway, it was run by mostly family members: the concession stand, tickets booth, ambulance drivers, race flaggers…..not to mention most of them held stock in the speedway.

In 1967, after seven years of racing, Harold was in a crash which brought his career to a screeching halt. His attempts to keep it going as a family affair were valiant, but pressure from residents soon took its toll.

Complaints were coming in about the noise and the influx of traffic that permeated the area every Friday night…..even some of those who rallied for the track ended up being complainers.

The track was sold in 1972 and the new owner kept it going for awhile…but it wasn’t the same. Later in the 70s it shut down for good.

There are still some remnants of that old speedway that’s actually kinda cool to seek and explore. The speedway is west off Schleweis Road on Speedway drive, south of Manchester.


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