WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

I wish I could have attended a one-room schoolhouse when I was a kid. But nope, I was enrolled right from Kindergarten into a brand new elementary school. Looking at some of Michigan's old one-roomers, I wish I had that memory to look back on, whether it was fun or miserable...I would've been satisfied to just have the experience.

Located four miles west of Byron Center, the name of this particular one-room school seems to be misplaced. Not even the Michigan one-room school listings had it noted.

Just over a decade ago, the school was easily viewed along the road – now it's just about completely covered with bushes and trees.

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The gallery below shows the evolution of the ever-growing shrubbery within a ten-plus-year period.

As you will see, the insides are practically devoid of anything, except for a shelf and a few pieces of rubbish. One lone red ladies' shoe sits next to a partially-ripped-up floor. A throw pillow sits in a shelf. There are a couple of boards standing in the entranceway with rows of nails sticking out. Were these used for the kids to hang their coats and/or hats on?

These old schools are so cool and I wish there was enough money to preserve them all. But until the time comes when someone demolishes them, at least we'll have these photo images to look back on.

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