High up in the Keweenaw Peninsula are the ruins of the Arnold Mine. Built along Jacob’s Creek, it sits secluded in the woods with no road, drive, or trail to take you there. If you go looking for it, go to the junction of Eagle Harbor Cut Off Road and Garden City Road. Find somewhere to park, then get out and start working your way north thru the woods.

The old mine is still there, all crumbled, but with enough to see to make the trek worth the effort.

The mine began exploration in 1860 and by 1863 the mine’s only shaft was completed. Even though work continued for almost forty years, the Arnold Mine was not known as one of Copper Country’s most successful mines. Sensing the end was near, Arnold Mining was merged with Copper Falls Mining in January, 1898. Arnold operations finally ceased in 1900 after a total of almost two million pounds of copper were mined.

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Visiting the ruins, one can be impressed with the structure itself; stone upon stone and a maze-like base that many visitors love to leap into and find their way through (it ain’t hard). It’s located back in thick woods and is a pretty sight from summer to fall; it’s even more incredible if you have the inclination to visit after a snowfall. The mine ruins in winter are a whole different experience.

For some reason, the Arnold Mine Ruins are listed as near Mohawk, but it’s nowhere near there…Mohawk is 16 miles away. The Arnold ruins are actually between Phoenix (4 miles away) and Copper Falls (two miles away).

Take a look at the gallery below for some photos of the mine…

Abandoned Arnold Mine Ruins, Upper Peninsula


Delaware Ghost Town and Abandoned Mine

Abandoned Unknown Mine, Upper Peninsula

Abandoned Grand Haven Mine



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