It's the holiday season and things are in full swing, as well as they can be for the year 2020.  I did a bit of hunting on the internet to come up with the top ten list that I have listed below.

If you're ready, here we go.


1- Underwear. Not a gift you want to open up in front of the family. This gift is a big NO NO for a co-worker.

2- Souvenirs.  Believe me when I tell you that nobody wants a jank gift from your vacation. Don't do it!

3- Pets. Adopting a pet is a serious commitment. Never ever should a pet be given as a "gift."

4- Clothing. Unless you are Mom or Dad buying for a child, don't do it. The only exception is if the receiver of the gift has picked out the clothing item and actually put it in your hand, or you are sent a screen shot and the worlds "I want this" follow.

5- CDs or DVDs. These aren't a thing anymore.

6- Cash. Some people say you shouldn't give cash, but I gotta admit, I would not have a problem with it.

7- Candles. Another thing some people say you shouldn't give that I love getting as a gift.   I love candles, but apparently others disagree.

8- Household Basics. This would include things like a mop, bucket, scrub brush, etc. Unless you are buying for Cinderella, do not do this.

9- Gym Memberships. Unless you have a direct request (make sure the request is in writing).

10- Major Purchases. Sure the commercials make it look wonderful, but someone will probably want to pick out their own car, appliance or whatever the purchase it.

A few bad gift ideas to add to the list are eyebrow razor, personalized branding iron, a cremation urn for their ashes, or a stripper pole.

These are also a safety reminder.  It is usually best to stick to the list and do not go gift shopping rogue.

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