If you've ever been to (or know what) a stop light party is, that headline probably made you do a double take.

As a matter of fact it might have made you click in to see what is going on.

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For the uninitiated, a stop light party/traffic light party works like this.

The basic idea of the party is that each guest selects a glow stick in a color that best suits their status. Party guests may also be told to arrive wearing the appropriate color. The color green means that one is single and looking for a relationship. Red means that one is in a relationship, or not looking for one.

The color codes derive from the traffic light signal colors indicating red for stop, yellow for caution/slow down, and green for go. (Wikipedia)

Now before your mind goes spiraling off and you're asking what kind of dating/hookup game are we playing at church, let me explain.

They have taken this basic "I'm wearing this color" code concept, to let you know how a person is feeling about social interaction once they return to church.

Relax, put your mind at ease. We're keeping it wholesome over here.

As you can see, you pick the bracelet that represents your level of comfort and interaction at church with other members.

That way folks can tell just by approaching you and things don't get weird or awkward in the house of the Lord.

The question now is when you get to church and you see these bins, which one are you taking? And what happens if your family picks different colors?

Let's take a moment to pray about that one.

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