As Michiganders, we have a lot of pride in the Mackinac Bridge. It was an incredible feat at the time and is still a majestic sight to behold. Here are some things you might not know!

We've heard all of the tall tales and legends surrounding the building of this icon, and while they are fun mysteries to look into, the facts are just as interesting.

According to's "about" page on the Mackinac Bridge, David B. Steinman designed the bridge that ended up taking 48 months and $99.8 million.

The "Mighty Mac" stands tall as the fourth-longest suspension bridge in the whole world and that alone is something to behold.

Now, let's look into some more interesting and quirky facts about the Mackinac Bridge:

Seven Interesting Facts About The Mackinac Bridge

While you may think you know everything there is to know about the "Big Mack", we hope some of these facts either surprised you or at least made you say "hmm, interesting."

Next time you cross the Mackinac Bridge, try to really think about all the groundbreaking and revolutionary engineering and design that went behind it.

It may not "officially" be one of the great "wonders of the world" but it's a magnificent wonder to us!

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