Lookin' for a house?
Maybe to fix up and sell or to live in?
Then one of the houses below might suit your purpose.

We usually hear about the most-expensive, out-of-our-budget homes and properties...but what are the five LEAST expensive, lowest-priced houses to buy in the Lansing area? As best as I could gather, they are the five houses listed below, NOT including lots or apartments. Take a look at the photo galleries of each one:

Countin' 'em down, beginning with #5:
1022 S Grand Avenue, $13,990

At Number 4 comes this one:
816 Prospect Street, $13,900

And now, Number 3:
1009 Leslie Street, $12,000

Here's Number 2:
4245 W Jolly Road, $9,900

And...at Number 1:
1623 Lyons Avenue, $7,995

Well, there ya go. Those are the Top 5 LEAST EXPENSIVE houses to buy in Lansing. You can find all five of them on Zillow.com, if you're interested. (I wonder how long they'll last?)