Valentines Day Is Not For Everyone!

I have never been and will never be a fan of 'Valentines Day'. It never mattered if I was in relationship or not, the day of love felt forced and as far as I was concerned made people feel bad...and I am not just talking singles.

Lets start with 'singles'...yes, you are solo, so there will be no deliveries of flowers at work, a reserved table at the great new restaurant or an amazing foot rub at the end of the night.

Couples...the pressure!!! The over the top expensive flowers you have to have delivered, the perfect gift to show your love, the dinner that cost a month worth of groceries and the foot rub.

With all of that taken into consideration here are the reason that couples truly in love do NOT need to celebrate a Hallmark Card holiday...

  1. They don't need romance to be forced
  2. Spontaneous affection is way more fun
  3. It's just a day like any other
  4. There are many other special days to celebrate instead
  5. Valentine's Day is a ridiculous rip off

The most in love couples I know bring each other a cup of coffee in the morning and kiss goodnight at the end of the day. Why, because that is what love is, just being with someone.

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