People in other states think we're nuts. Well guess what? It's everyone else, not us. Why do out-of-staters think that way? Read the "20 Things That Only Michiganders Understand" below and see if you agree.....

1) Pasties are not something strippers's something to eat.

2) A Petoskey stone isn't something you pass through your urinary tract.

3) Other states might criticize their police officers when they sit in donut shops, but we love it.

4) "Soda" means baking soda,  "Pop" means a sweet carbonated beverage, and "Soda Pop" is useless.

5) Road construction comes every spring like Christmas comes every December.

6) Every Michigan small town has a store where you can buy pizza, chips, jerky, beer and bait.

7) There are more old ghost towns and haunted places than any other state.

8) The Great Lakes do NOT have sharks. They don't have salt, either, so stop trying to naturally float.

9) We say "Meijer's" instead of the correct "Meijer." Wanna make sumpin' of it?

10) There is no such place as "MackinACK"...even though it's spelled with an 'ac' at the end, "Mackinac" is ALWAYS pronounced "MackinAW."

11) We Michigan drivers truly believe the person behind them will know EXACTLY which way we'll turn if we don't have our blinker on.

12) Michigan's "Up North" begins in Clare County.

13) Fall means apple cider...the harder, the better.

14) We know that Superman ice cream is blue, red & yellow, the colors of Superman's uniform. The colors confuse out-of-state aliens.

15) Hell really does freeze over and we have the pictures.

16) We try our best to fish without a fishing license and not get caught.

17) We don't care how we dress when we shop at Walmart after midnight.

18) Anyone who doesn't love dogs should move outta state.

19) Michigan guys love cats but will definitely not let their buddies know.

20) Northern Michigan is NOT the Upper's the upper half of the mitten. Out-of-staters go insane attempting to understand this.


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Screenshot courtesy of ZAGAT, youtube
Screenshot courtesy of ZAGAT, youtube

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