Christmas looks a lot different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See how celebrities celebrated the holiday in 2020.

Chrissy Teigen shared a heartwarming video of her and John Legend's children meeting Santa Clause. Meanwhile, Lizzo shared a video of her surprising her mother with an Audi.

Elsa Pataky shared a hilarious photo of her husband Chris Hemsworth by the tree. "Santa brought me a Thor action figure for Christmas," she joked.

The Kardashian clan recently traveled to Lake Tahoe together. The sisters shared snapshots of their family on the slopes, decorating cookies and spending time with their children.

The "Queen of Christmas" Mariah Carey shared a handful of posts celebrating the holiday. She posted a video of her cooking on Christmas Eve and a photo of her on Christmas morning.

Cardi B gave fans an inside look at her extravagant decorations inside her home. "I really can’t believe this is my home," she captioned the video. "I be [sic] proud of us every time I’m here......excuse the wrapping mess."

See all of the posts, below.


Celebrities Dressed Like Santa

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