It's the start of another brand new year.  No matter what 2019 means to you, January marks the beginning of another season to start fresh with resolutions, ideas, and plans to have your greatest year yet.

Here are several things that will make 2019 your most productive year yet:

How about a Fitbit to track sleep and activity.  Most people say the same thing about a Fitbit.  They Love It!

The new model is waterproof and has an upgraded battery life, making it even more suitable for an active lifestyle and tracks how much sleep you get.

Another great idea for the new year is a helpful journal to guide you through your budget.  I could use one of these too.  Setting a budget can be difficult, but financial saving and stability are so important to many.

Next up, a water bottle that's worth every penny.  According to the Lansing State Journal, good hydration is key to that sharp mindset that will keep you productive through 2019.  Click on the above link for more ideas for the new year.


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