One of the great Michigan ghost towns lies in Lake County: the deserted town of Marlborough.

One of the GREAT things about this town is...many of the original buildings still stand in ruins: the old opera house, cement factory, hotel, school, homes and post office.

In the 1890's a cement factory was constructed in the woods; the cement business grew and went so well, that the area had other businesses pop up around 1902 as well as homes. The population grew to over 400 residents but by now, the quality of the cement declined...why? Maybe they weren't using the best supplies any more to cut costs? It's anybody's guess.

But thanks to poor business sense, the income suffered and the plant finally had to shut down around 1906. By 1910, the plant had been reduced to ruins.....which still stand to this day (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

The ruins of the cement plant stand alongside James Rd. and other ruins are spread out throughout the you'll have to park your vehicle and walk a few steps to see them.

The site is now referred to as the Marlborough Historic District, designated a Michigan Historic Site in 1971 and a National Historic Place in 1972.....which means you more than likely can visit this place and not have to worry about getting nabbed for trespassing!

1) Take 127 north and get off US10 just past Clare.
2) Head west, go through Reed City and turn left (south) on US37 (Michigan Avenue) when you get to Baldwin. (SEE SATELLITE MAPS IN THE GALLERY BELOW)
3) Go past the airport (on your left) and turn left (east) on W. 68th Street.
4) James Road is less than a mile down the road; turn right on James and you're there.
5) Go a tiny ways and you'll see the cement factory on the left. Park there and walk through the woods to discover the remaining ruins of Marlborough.

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