In the early morning hours of March 31, 1966, Jeno Udvardy was on his way home from working third shift not far from Vicksburg; while driving through the countryside, he came across a group of lights in the road that resembled those of an ambulance. He slowed his vehicle down and when he got close enough, he could see it wasn’t an ambulance at all, but a saucer-shaped object, floating just a few feet above the road and blocking him from driving through.

As he tried to back away from the disc, something resembling strong winds began shaking his vehicle; he looked up to see that the disc had zoomed into a position over his vehicle. Rolling his window down to get a better look, he heard a sound that resembled a bunch of droning bees. After a few minutes of hovering, the disc zipped away and disappeared.

When Jeno returned to his Vicksburg home, he told his wife about the incident; she coaxed him into reporting it to the Kalamazoo sheriff. Upon doing so, the only thanks he got was a bunch of ridicule.

This incident took place just two weeks after the famous “swamp-gas” Michigan UFO sightings in Dexter, Hillsdale, Ypsilanti and Lake Erie and various sightings and reports in Livingston, Monroe and Washtenaw Counties. It was officially recorded in the files and reports of the NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon) in 1966.

There have been other Michigan UFO sightings but the ones during the early months of 1966 seem to hold the most credibility, as literally hundreds of Michigan citizens and public officials are on record as seeing strange saucer-like disc objects with glowing lights.

It was even important enough that WALTER CRONKITE himself reported it on the CBS Evening news.

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