Whooz gotta Michigan ax-sent? Uh-uh…not me!

Oh, who am I kidding – of course I do. These type of articles always makes someone in Michigan mad. Understand, we realize not EVERY Michigander talks this way, but a good handful do. So before you take this personally, remember - this is not an attack on YOU...it's all for fun. And besides, it's good to pick on ourselves once in a while.

Everytime a list like this is put up, someone has to complain about it in the following manner:
“Nuh-uh, I don’ say dat!”
“Dat’s not how I tock!”
“I doe no no-wun who tocks like dat!”
“My fambly don’t say dose wurdz!”
“That’s re-dickless!”
“Dat ain’t true!”
“Michiganders got no ax-sent!”

We don’t realize it but we have a certain flair. Nothing wrong with it, nothing dumb about it, and it’s not meant as a put-down. When we have conversations with people, we really don’t listen to their pronunciations closely. After seeing some of the words listed below, I spoke some of them out loud and was surprised when I pronounced them exactly how was written…what an awakening!

So here we go – a few more words as pronounced by Michiganders.....including ME:

Believe – BLEEVE
Clothes – CLOZE
Comfortable – CUMF-TER-BULL
Crayons - CRANZ
Drowned – DROWNDED
Drowning  - DROWNDING
Forever – F’REVVER
Garage – GRODGE
I’m going to - EYE-MUNNA
Nuclear – NOOK-YULL-ER
Often – OFF-TEN (the "T" is s'posed to be silent)
Or – ER
Pronunciation – PRO-NOWN-CEE-A-SHUN
Realtor – REEL-A-TER
Refrigerator – FRIDGER-RAIDER
Sherbet – SHER-BERT
Stole – STOLED
What are you - WHATCHOO
Woods - WUDDS

Add these 18 more 'Michigan-speak' terms to your list. Maybe it'll help out-of-staters understand us better.

But provvally not.

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