You ever hear the term, it's a Michigan thing? Well, these are Lansing things...

That got me thinking...what are things that only someone from Lansing would understand?

The last few are just places that we can have bragging rights about. I mean, what's the point about being in the capital city, and not being able to brag about the things we have here?

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Take a look, and see if you understand what we're putting down.

15 Things That Only People From Lansing Understand

Look, you can be from surrounding areas and understand this stuff too. It's just a Mid-Michigan thing. The East & West side of the state, just wouldn't understand, sorry. It's just our own little club.

Are there certain things that you think we missed on the list, or just missed a point on?

Look, Lansing residents have a certain fire and charge behind them. There is absolutely no doubting that. We're dedicated. Resilient and hard-working!

Let me know what we can add to this list in the station app. Hit that chat feature, and give me a reason to add something!

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