Do you ever wonder if crazy things happen for a reason?
It all started back on Dec. 21st when we lost power from our major ice storm. We lost power From Sat. Dec. 21st until Christmas day until 11:15a.m. At that point I figured everything was ok until my dishwasher decided to spring a leak in the upstairs kitchen. How did I know it was leaking you ask? Well, 4 nights ago, my wife and I were watching TV in the basement when all of a sudden we heard several drips on the other side of the basement. When we went to look, we realized it was leaking from upstairs down through the floor rafters, straight into our basement.
Then of course to top it all off, Mid Michigan gets 12 to 18 inches of snow.
All schools are closed, many stores are closed and the wind chill will get down to 3o below through Tuesday. When it rains it pours! Why did I have to mention anything about water? They say don't sweat the small stuff. I haven't stopped sweating since Dec. 21st.