Do you remember all of the great Drive-ins in the Greater Lansing Area?  At one time there was the Lansing drive-in on Cedar St.  The Northside drive-in on U.S. 27, the Starlite drive-in off of Lansing rd.  What about the M-78 Triplex drive-in on M-78?

All of these great drive-ins served a great purpose.  Taking the family to see a movie and watching from the privacy of your own vehicle.  Parents would take their kids to the drive-in movies and kids would just wear their pajamas.

So yes, drive-ins were once the rage in Michigan.  The first drive-in theater in Michigan opened north of Detroit in 1938.  In the U.P. the first drive-in constructed was the Evergreen Drive-In Theater in Marquette County.

At one time, Michigan had 134 drive-ins.  Our nation had over 3,000 drive-ins.

The country's first drive-in opened near Camden, N.J., in June 1933, the creation of Richard Hollingshead, an auto products manufacturing plant manager who lived nearby.