This has been the craziest winter ever. It all started in December when my wife (Lori) and I lost power 3 and a half days before Christmas. That's when the real fun started. When our power was restored on Christmas day at about 11:15a.m., we checked to make sure everything in the house was working correctly. Needless to say, one of the appliances was not working. That appliance is the much needed dishwasher. Not only did it not run correctly, it started leaking through the upstairs floor right down to the basement. So, I called a repair man to come and fix the dishwasher after I replaced the part to stop it from leaking. The repair man said we needed a new motor for the dishwasher. After spending just over $400.00 on the new motor and labor we felt confident everything would be just fine.
Not the case, over this past weekend, the new motor froze up and somehow water from our dishwasher found it's way back to the basement once again. Sometimes life throws a few lemons your way, you just need to throw a few back by tossing out the big lemon and plan on buying a brand new dishwasher. I will say this, Lori and I have been doing quite well washing and drying dishes just about every day for the past several weeks. Call WFMK in the morning and tell us about one of your crazy lemon stories. 363-4399 or 1-800-618-WFMK!