It seems that whenever the Christmas season begins, the Scrooges come out. At the first hearing of a Christmas song or the first sight of Christmas decorations you are 100% sure to hear a handful of people complain their heads off.

And if you stop to think about it, it makes NO sense whatsoever.

Christmas is the time of year for love, peace, joy, giving and the appreciation of your fellow man. So why does it get some people so intensely angry?
1) Is it because they think it's too early? Sorry, not a good excuse.
2) Do they feel they're forced to start shelling out money? Sorry, not a good excuse.
3) Upset with greedy corporate America ? Sorry, not a good excuse.
4) Reminisces about awful Christmas pasts? Sorry, not a good excuse.
5) No one to celebrate with? Sorry, not a good excuse.

Let's take those last 5 points one at a time.
1 & 2) are inexcusable reasons to be upset.
3) Makes more sense but it shouldn't affect your personal beliefs or traditions.
4 & 5) Are understandable reasons but hopefully it should make one all the more determined to do something nice for others who are having a bad time.....you know, the lemon-into-lemonade thing. It can be hard to do a kindly thing (to give even a smile or a small token) when you're down-in-dumps yourself but an effort just might surprise you.

My whole point is: the next time someone kicks off the Christmas season a little early, don't think about greedy corporate America.....stop and think what the holiday & music REALLY stand for: happiness, the joy of giving, love, tolerance & appreciation of your fellow man.

Try it next time if you already blew it this year.