This must be the season of the wasp. So far, we have found two large hives underground. One in the backyard and one in the front.  The wasps that live in these hives are nasty creatures.

Several years back we had wasps build a massive nest on the side of our house. Exterminators were called to remove that one. It was a paper wasp nest. The wasp will go to the woods and eat wood and then bring it back and somehow it becomes a paper like substance and that is what the build their nest with. In that case there were a lot of wasps because it was only a week or so before the hive had gotten pretty big.

This year we are dealing with wasps, but they are underground, and I am amazed how far underground they go. We stuck a yard stick down the  hole and it was about 35 inches underground. My husband David sprayed the holes at night and by morning the wasps were dead and we could see what part of the nest looked like. They were busy because both of the nests underground at our home were pretty good sized.

Lucky for us that those nests were not discovered by our dog, cats or neighborhood kids. I would not like to see how that played out. David discovered the one in the front yard when he was mowing the lawn and he got stung, and it was a pretty painful bite.,

Some people say to pour buckets of boiling water down the holes and kill the that way, some folks like to use fire, and others use pesticides. In the video below, you can see the "Hornet King" feeding a nest to his chickens.

If you ever get them in your yard, just be careful they are mean little suckers..

YouTube has some fascinating and creepy wasp videos to check out.

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